Now Advance Care Plans CAN go where you go
transforming the dynamics faced in a medical emergency.

ONE App contains one folder for you and one folder for EACH of your loved ones or for whom you are acting as proxy.

Each folder created is highly customized.

Guaranteed access to these folders enables you to speak for your loved one when they cannot and they can speak for you when you are unable.

You are assured of complete confidentiality because the data resides only on the iPhone, yours, your proxy’s or a loved one’s. The data does not reside on any server or cloud service.

Add unlimited persons to the App.

Grab contact information from your Contacts list.

Guarantee this vital information is shared when most needed with a hospital, physician and other health care facility. Ensure you get the care you want.

Show or send a summary of your health care wishes via text or email to health care providers.

Carry key information on primary & secondary proxy, primary care physician & specialists, emergency contacts, insurance, and medical condition.

Edit and update documents as you age and your health status changes.

Keep track of document versions by date entered.

Download free wallet card.

For Less than a $1 (one time cost) you can have peace of mind.

Here’s an example of how the App can work for you!

Your Dad’s 89 and your Mom, 91. He takes her to the hospital and she’s admitted to the ICU but he’s told he can’t make medical decisions for her even if she is incapacitated. She’s his wife and he’s her proxy. What’s this about? He brought the wrong form with him! He brought the Power of Attorney document (POA) that only applies to financial & legal decisions. The Durable Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA) is what he needs but it’s at home and no one else is there. He has a cell phone, calls you, his daughter. You have what he needs securely stored on your Smartphone. A click and the correct document is emailed, and your Dad losing little time tells doctors what his wife of 65 years wants.

Currently, the App is compatible with Apple® iPhone®, iPad® and iPod®.